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Welcome to doctor_plus_one, a Doctor/ Rose community with a difference.

This community has been around for a while and has been very quiet recently. Then I started noticing this trend where alot of the fics out there were all angsty and heartbreaking so I thought I might try and use this quiet community to see if I could create a place that people could go to find their happy.

I've noticed recently that there have been a rather large number of fics that are full of angst. Now I don't have anything against angst - in fact some of the best fics I have read are one's that leave me in tears.

Now I don't know about anyone else but I see enough bad things in the real world - you just have to glance at a newspaper to see all the bad things that are happening to everybody in the world.

So I've created this. This is my happy place. The place to go to when you want a story that you know will have a happy ending.

I'd like to ask you all to join me in my happy place. Bring along your fics that are happy and fluffy and make you laugh. Bring your recommendations, the fics you go to when you need that instant pickup. Nothing is banned here. Smut is more than welcome.
So what is allowed?
Basically anything that is happy. Have a fic with a happy ending? Post it! Have a vid that is so soft and fluffy it almost floats? Post it.

What Doctors are allowed?
This community is specifically geared towards Rose and the Doctor, and I'm only allowing Nine, Ten and Ten II. If you have a problem with Ten II - I don't want to hear it. To me he is the Doctor.

Any other restrictions?
The item in question must revolve around the relationship between Rose and the Doctor, friendship is fine, smut is fine. Fics that mention Rose but concentrate on the Doctor and someone else are not welcome at all. In other words people who do not like Rose are certainly not welcome here at all.

So no angst at all?
If the fic has a little bit of angst but does end with a happy ending, that's allowed. If it's nothing but angst, angst with another suitcase of angst that never ends then No. Please post it else where.

So what should we expect to see around here?
Fic is always good! I'm always on the lookout for new fluffy, angst-free fic and I'm sure others will be as well.

I'm also hoping to encourage people to recommend their favourite fics as well.

Challenges will also be available with prompts available for anyone to use.

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